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New version 5.1

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One month after making version 5.0 of the Allcancode Platform generally available, today we are releasing the next major update: version 5.1.

Faster builds

Our platform is about productivity so we continuously optimize the build process especially for mobile apps so that users can preview them as fast as possible after a sequence of changes. Now repeating mobile builds complete in about a minute and you can run your app in an Android or iOS device within the platform!

Upgraded to latest framework versions

As we make sure our code generators are always up to date with latest front-end framework releases we upgraded to:

  • React 17.0
  • React Native 0.65
  • Flutter 2.5
Import from Figma improvements

We keep testing with different Figma files to make sure that layouts are imported correctly to the Design View of the platform. This release includes a series of improvements for Auto Layout and constraints in general.

Preview sharing

Users can now share previews of both web and mobile applications with a link that does not require from the recipient of the share to have access to the platform. In the case there are security constraints and the preview should be confidential then the recipient will need an Allcancode account.

Overall user experience improvements

We always listen to users and do our best to improve the user experience from just fixing bugs to reducing clicks to making things faster to simplifying the process.


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