Introducing self-managed edition

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model took the burden of licensing, installing, and updating software on-premises from IT departments and teams. It also eliminated the need to provide and maintain resources (servers, networking, etc.). The latter became much easier with cloud providers and the migration of data centers to public clouds.

New version 5.2

Keeping the fast pace of one major release per month, today we are announcing the next major update...

Using Microsoft Apps as a backend

The Microsoft suite of applications has grown over the years from Office to almost anything related...

New version 5.1

One month after making version 5.0 of the Allcancode Platform generally available, today we are...

The Allcancode Platform is generally available.

After 3 months in Beta and tons of feedback from our platform's early users, we are thrilled to...

The closed beta program is on

As of today we are you can apply for access to our closed beta program here

Announcing Allcancode Platform v5

For three years (2017-2020) we kept our platform in stealth mode while operating as a software...