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Announcing Allcancode Platform v5

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For three years (2017-2020) we kept our platform in stealth mode while operating as a software house. We delivered 45 projects, from websites to web applications to native mobile apps, always using our platform as the only tool. That helped us evolve our product to meet real needs and solve real problems.

Then we spend another year rebuilding the User Interface of the platform from scratch and optimizing one of its most important features: generating code for popular front-end frameworks.

So today, we are thrilled to announce the 5th version of the Allcancode Platform.

The new version includes:

  • Advanced import from Figma functionality that preserves Auto Layout constraints.
  • High quality code generators for React, React Native and Flutter. Support for more front-end frameworks is coming soon.
  • Completely redesigned development environment to increase productivity
  • New low-code back-end development module.

Feel free to contact us and request early access. A private beta program will open soon.

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